Dumfries and Galloway Local Government 2022 Manifesto

Anyone elected to represent Dumfries and Galloway has a big job to do. It’s a big place full of diverse people, communities, and businesses, from east to west, all set within an attractive landscape that brings visitors from around the globe.

SNP Dumfries and Galloway Council 2022 Manifesto

We know this region will play a vital role in Scotland’s future, not just as the sea border to Ireland and land border to England, but as an important producer of sustainable renewable energy, and significant contributor to the dairy, and timber sectors nationally. We will support our key strategic industries along with the new enterprise agency dedicated to the South of Scotland now up and running, but we recognise that it is our local schools, businesses, and third sector, along with our health and social care services, that have the biggest impact on local lives, and Dumfries and Galloway Council has a major part to play.

So much relies on the infrastructure that supports the connections between people and families, communities and settlements, places of work, play and learning, and places worth visiting. Our manifesto sets out our ambition for this Council, our commitment to making our voice heard nationally, and our responsibility to act with integrity for the common good. We are ready to take on the many challenges before us and to emerge stronger and more confident, after coming through a period of world history unlike anything experienced in our lifetime.

Our SNP candidates are standing ready in all 12 Council wards in this 2022 Election.

Give them your vote on May 5th.

Stephen Thompson
SNP Depute Group Leader
Dumfries and Galloway Council

Promoted by Stephen Thompson on behalf of Dumfries & Galloway SNP Local Government Liaison
Committee, both c/o Scottish National Party, Gordon Lamb House, 3 Jackson’s Entry, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ.