Comment on new national park designation

“We will designate at least one new national park by the end of this session, provided relevant legal conditions can be met” – page 41 of Draft Policy Agreement.

South Scotland SNP MSP Emma Harper, commented;

“In April this year, I brought a debate to the Scottish Parliament on the potential to create a new National Park in Scotland. I said then, if there is a new National Park created, it’s got to be Galloway. The Galloway National Park Association have been working hard campaigning for this for many years and I thank them all. A Galloway National Park would need to work for all across our communities, from agriculture to tourism, and support jobs as well as working alongside the Biosphere.

“As part of the Scottish Government’s new Trade and Cooperation agreement with the Scottish Green Party, there is a commitment to create a new National Park by the end of this parliamentary term. Again, I want it to be located here in Galloway to the benefit of our region. I will immediately write to the Environment and Rural Affairs Minister to ensure the case for a Galloway National Park is continued to be heard.

“The pandemic has shown the importance of accessing the outdoors to support best health and wellbeing. Galloway is very well placed for people to relocate here – to live, work, visit and enjoy the most Bonnie region. A well-managed National Park can add to our already fantastic resources such as the UNESCO Biosphere, 7Stanes and Galloway Forest Park. I will keep all updated on my response from the Scottish Government.”