Conservatives lack of NHS protection is ‘a total disgrace’

South Scotland SNP MSP Emma Harper has branded the South Scotland Conservatives who voted against protecting the NHS in future trade deals as a ‘total disgrace’.

Ms Harper said the voting NO to an amendment lodged to protect the NHS was an action which completely undermines the publicly funded health and care services and those who rely on the services.

As the UK Government continues to debate the trade deal which will be in place after the Brexit transition period which ends on December 31st this year, opposition Labour MPs had put forward amendment (clause 17) for the Conservative Government’s Trade Bill which, if approved, would have barred any deal which “undermines or restricts” a comprehensive public-funded health service.

Both Dumfries & Galloway conservative MPs David Mundell and Secretary of State Alister Jack, joined their party colleagues to vote against protecting the NHS from any form of control from outside the UK.

Ms Harper said;

“It’s absolutely incredible and a total disgrace that our south of Scotland Conservative politicians have not supported this amendment in the UK Parliament which would help protect the NHS in Scotland and the NHS in England in a future UK & USA trade deal.

“I know at the time of the most recent December General Election many people didn’t believe the NHS was ‘on the table’ for trade deal negotiations and perhaps now people will realise this is a very real risk.

“This latest voting down of protections for our valuable health service in the future is yet another betrayal from the South of Scotland Conservatives who also recently voted against making the standards of importation of food equal to our own in Scotland and the rest of the UK -putting Scottish food producers businesses at risk.

“It’s more than a slap in the face for NHS Dumfries & Galloway and our region’s social care services whom we value so much and have paid tribute to, particularly over the last few months. How much more convincing do people need to understand the Conservative party is absolutely not a ‘party of the people’.