The SNP Scottish Government has received a ringing endorsement from England’s farming’s leader who said that Scotland is more ambitious than the UK Government in its approach to developing agriculture policy.

NFU President Minette Batters went on to say that she would rather be talking to Fergus Ewing than George Eustice at the moment and that the SNP Government has the most constructive thinking on future agriculture policy.

She also praised the Scottish Government for ensuring that farming is sustainable, it retains its critical infrastructure and does not face price spikes, even when the Westminster government is prepared to sweep the rug from under the feet of the industry by taking away funding for active farming.

Commenting, South Scotland SNP MSP Emma Harper said:

“This is a fantastic endorsement and vote of confidence in the importance the Scottish Government places on farming and its contribution to the Scottish economy.

“I am not surprised the NFU President would rather deal with the SNP than the Tories at Westminster. It is completely irresponsible for them to take away funding from farmers when they need it most.

“The stability that is provided by the SNP Government’s transition plan is essential for farmers right now and will be even more important when the harsh realities of Brexit start to bite for the industry.

“This demonstrates that the interests of Scotland’s farmers are best looked after here in Scotland by our Parliament and our own government. The only way to continue to protect the industry is for Scotland to become an independent country with full membership of the European Union.”