South Scotland MSP comment on Boris Johnson’s refusal for another referendum

Emma Harper MSP South Scotland said;

“Yesterday the UK Prime Minister refused to transfer powers to the Scottish Parliament which would allow the people of Scotland to have a say over our future through the democratic means of a referendum.

“Much has changed since 2014 and the promises made by the then Better Together Alliance have been broken. In 2014, we were told that in order to stay in the EU, we would have to stay in the UK – and look at the situation now. We were told that should Scotland go independent, Scottish agriculture would be put at risk – and look at the situation now.

“Farmers across Dumfries and Galloway do not have clarity over the future of farm payments or over agricultural law which currently sits with the EU. Many are finding it hard to secure bank loans for business investment, are struggling to recruit staff as many EU citizens are put off moving to the UK and many are concerned over the future viability of their farming businesses.

“The situation is a mess and for a UK Prime Minister to refuse the right of people across Dumfries and Galloway and Scotland to take a different path and to escape the Brexit mess shows the disrespect they have for both the Scottish Parliament and people of Scotland.

“I am urging the Secretary of State for Scotland and Prime Minister to show respect for my constituents, for the Scottish Parliament and to allow us to have a democratic say over our future.”